An essential change

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An essential change

November 2019

You may have noticed on my different social channels, that I’ve started sharing a bit more about my passion for essential oils. I’ve actually been using essential oils for the past 15 years, but last year a good friend of mine introduced me to a company called dōTERRA, which turned out to be a game-changer.

dōTERRA is said to have the purest most potent therapeutic grade essential oils in the world… Big words, I know! But I was curious to see if they could actually make a difference to me and my family’s lives, so I tried them out. I was – and still am – blown away by the power of these tiny drops, and I’m very keen to share my experience with you guys.

How to use essential oils

Essential oils can be used for so many things. I use them as part of my skin care routine, to uplift my mood and energy throughout the day, to detox my body, to clean my house, to wind down at night and, of course, for Shavasana.  One thing I’ve really noticed is that my sleep patterns have changed. Since using essential oils as part of my night-time routine, I wake up feeling clearer and more refreshed. Even my kids sleep through the night. I could keep going, but instead, I’ll direct those interested in learning more to my guide on how to use essential oils (psst, there’s also a free e-book).

Collaborating with DoTERRA

As mentioned, I want to share the benefits of essential oils with as many people as possible, and so I’ve started collaborating with dōTERRA. On a mission to “change the world one drop, one person, one community at a time”, dōTERRA has set the bar for essential oil quality and purity, exceeding industry standards and ensuring that the oil you buy is not only effective but also safe. On my website, you can read more about the company and order your new oils directly through me.

If I’ve piqued your interest and you’re curious about what these wonderful essential oils can help you or your family with, take a look further down this newsletter. I have two workshops coming up in November and I’d love to see you there. And if the dates and times are not fitting you then you can also book a 1:1 session with me right now. FOR FREE. Send me an email or you can simply reply to this mail and we can set it up. But don’t wait too long, because I can’t promise how long that opportunity is open.

Also, don’t forget to book your spot on next year’s Møn retreat. The early-bird discount is running until the end of November.

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