Blossom by blossom the spring begins

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March 2020

Birds have started to reappear, reminding our ears of the sweet sound of brighter and warmer days. Charming little snowdrops and colourful winter aconites are popping up all around, confirming what the mind knows but the senses may yet have to experience: spring is here.  

As we make this seasonal transition, yawn and stretch to wake ourselves from winter hibernation, you may simultaneously notice a sense of awakening from within. Spring is a time of renewal, growth and energy. Our energy levels naturally increase and expand, bringing an internal need to get up and move. This – in turn – helps to clear stagnant and negative energy from the body and mind, at the same time refreshing our spirit. Do you feel it coming?

It’s time for spring cleaning
With spring comes “spring cleaning”. But not (only) the domestic kind. Mental and emotional spring cleaning too. This time of year offers an opportunity to gain new perspectives on areas of your life that may no longer be serving you. Our creative thinking is blossoming and the body is ready for activity. Our bodies also begin to crave different and lighter foods and our appetite changes. This goes hand in hand with our lighter sense of being. So welcome spring with a new perspective. It’s time to grow, my friends!

Speaking of growth… Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m outgrowing some of my old comfortable “clothes”, habits, titles and layers of existence that I’ve been identifying with for so long. It’s just time for some kind of change – a new direction. I’m still working on finding my core values, but I’m getting there. I’m leaning into a softer version of myself, saluting a more feminine side of who I am. Selfcare is my theme for this year, and I’m excited to see the seeds I’ve planted begin to sprout.

This message came to me during deep meditation a few months ago, and since then it’s been my daily reminder:

I am ready to grow and will do so by standing in my own truth, by being honest and listening to my own needs, and by cultivating my passions and shining my light in this world. 

Energy flows where intention goes
My daily rituals and spiritual practice is the backbone of this change. I’m drinking ceremonial cacao, walking in nature, chanting, using doTERRA essential oils for emotional support, grounding and prioritising rest. I’m actively choosing a slow-paced lifestyle, where I have the time to feel my needs and listen to my intuition that speaks louder and clearer than ever before. Having had stress in my life, a severe burn-out and daily migraines, I just realised that it’s not worth it to push myself to the limit… or beyond. Peter Sommer’s lyrics really resonate with me. “Why are we running when we can walk all the way?”. Perhaps you can recognise some of this, too?

Energy flows where intention goes, and that’s why setting intentions is so important to me. I’m planning to spend my time and energy wisely. To surround myself with inspiring, uplifting and supportive people. Especially women, as I’m curious to lean into more of my own feminine wisdom.

With love and light,

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