Listen to the silence – it speaks

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Listen to the silence - it speaks

April 2020

First of all, I want to say that my heart and thoughts are with all beings around the world affected by this crisis ♥

We’re in the midst of what feels like a storm – to some it may even feel like a devastating hurricane. With so much change, it can be difficult to feel grounded, let alone provide stability for those closest to your heart. Know that you’re doing more than fine and that we’re in this together! This, too, will blow over.

Listen to the stillness
In the meantime, I truly believe the universe is sending us a powerful message. The current status of things has forced us to put our regular, everyday lives on hold. It’s forced us to stop and to slow down.
If we choose to see it this way, we have been gifted a unique opportunity to capture the true value of something most precious to us, which, however hard we try, we cannot hold on to. Time.

And so, once again, I want to share this beautiful description with you, as it really resonates with me:

“We know that time cannot be stored, nor can it be stopped, it can’t be gifted to others, it can’t be bought nor can it be sold, thus we are invited to make good use of what we have without taking greedily from the world, leaving it poorer, but using sensibly what it has to offer, contributing to making it better, more righteous, more noble, more harmonious. In doing so we shall cherish that silence which will enable us to better understand these words and who we are, where we come from, where we are going and that the life we are living is unique, unreproducible.”

I encourage you to take this opportunity to be more still. Meditate, reflect, spend time in nature, journal, breathe deeply, read books and do some self-studying. Explore the stillness.

There’s a message in everything, the practice is to learn to listen.

Until we see each other again – stay safe. To those of you who are signed up for my weekly yoga classes I will send a separate update on my current and upcoming teaching schedule. And I will let you all know when we start up the regular practice again.

With love and light,

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