Every week Tanja is offering 2 classes which are open for all to join. 


17-18 : Vinyasa Flow

18.15-19.30 : Yin Yoga

Classes take place at Urban Health & Yoga

About classes

Vinyasa Flow

In Tanja’s vinyasa flow classes you will experience move and breath blended into a meditative, bodily and mental flow. Each position floats over to the next, while you will be guided to work with your intention. You will strengthen your physical body and work with calm and deep stretches that balance the nervous system and create peace of mind. This class is highly inspired by Jivamukti Yoga.


Yin yoga is based on simple, sitting and lying postures which are often held between 3-5 minutes, as yin yoga mainly works with the connective tissue and the body’s meridian pathways. Yin yoga is very effective in releasing stress, calming the mind, opens up the hips, hamstrings and lower spine. Read more about Yin Yoga.