Many people often ask why I choose dōTERRA oils exclusively for myself and my family. Did you know the essential oil industry is actually not regulated by any agency? This means companies are free to dilute the oils, use synthetics, pesticides, and even utilize parts of the plant that do not have therapeutic properties and they can label it as “pure” essential oil. I have used and worked with essential oils for so many years but never knew this! I need be sure what I am putting on my children – as well for my own health for that matter – is safe and effective. So I started to do my research and luckily a few years ago a good friend of mine introduced me to dōTERRA. Oils that actually could provide medicinal benefits and emotional support that I could also use around my children. So what makes doterra different and sets them apart from every other oil company out there? DōTERRA has set the bar for essential oil quality and purity exceeding industry standards and ensuring the oil you are buying is not only going to be effective but it will also be safe. There are two main ways they do this:


Doterra travels worldwide to find the purest oils where the plants indigenously grow as this is a huge factor in the oil’s potency. A plant grown in its native location will have a different chemical composition then one forced to grow somewhere else. It makes sense when you think of all the factors that go into growing a plant- all of which cannot be perfectly controlled- sunlight, altitude, water quality, soil to the area, temperature. DōTERRA finds farmers to partner with (no brokers are ever used) that have been harvesting the land/plants for generations and we work WITH them to provide them with a living wage (as many of these farmers live in developing countries). Farmers and distillers are paid fairly, on time and resources, education and support is provided. In addition they follow all of our standards including using no pesticides or chemicals, utilizing only the therapeutic part of the plant and a very careful distillation process is used that doterra oversees. Through this co-impact sourcing and Healing Hands Foundation initiative they also help build schools, running water, housing, health clinics, and more to these 3rd world communities. DoTERRA has 96% exclusivity with their oils- no one has the same exact chemical profile nor gets their oils from the same place.

Co-Impact Sourcing doterra
co-impact-sourcing doterra


When oils are comprised with fillers, contaminants, or other elements that alter their purity they will not function to their highest capacity. Many oils on the market are created to be “fragrance” meaning they do not even have therapeutic properties. DōTERRA’s oils are certified, pure, therapeutic grade (CPTG). This means that you can trust their quality and purity to be beyond organic, with no perfumes, synthetics, fillers, pesticides, just pure essential oil. DōTERRA wants to make sure you are getting the purest oil possible therefore they run fifty four types of testing on each liter of oil to ensure it is pure and potent (meaning it has the chemical composition it is supposed to). Every liter is also sent out for third party testing and you can go to www.sourcetoyou.com to put in the lot number from the bottle in your hand to see the 3rd party results! No other company is as transparent as this, they want you to know you are getting the very best! If the oil does not pass the test it will not be sold, period. For me this was the largest determining factor in deciding to use dōTERRA for my family- if it is going on my baby’s skin I need to be sure it is not compromised in any way.