Yin yoga is a style of yoga which encourages the student to develop longer holds in the postures and the muscles to relax deeply.

The practice is slow and quiet and allows deep surrender. Poses are typically held for about 3-5 minutes and the use of props are encouraged to invite a deep letting go.

Yin yoga is very effective in releasing stress, calming the mind, opens up the hips, hamstrings and lower spine. The practice relaxes the body throughout the class while gaining the benefits of deep stretching. Meditation and mindfulness are used throughout the class , dharma talks are included as a theme of the class.

A strong muscular practice is very yang (male) style so by practicing a softer yin (feminine) practice we will create openings in the body that don’t happen in a yang practice (and lifestyle). It encourages a deep stretching in the fascia tissue and can help athletes , experienced yogis and those who are injured or recovering from illness to re balance and re connect to body, mind and soul.